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Services and Permits

Building Permissions

The Department of Antiquities, through the different Antiquities Directorates grants building permits in cooperation with the Municipalities in the governorates.

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Permits for Events in Archaeological Sites

Applications for the reservation of any archaeological site for the events shall be submitted according to the form prepared for this purpose, which includes the name and date of the event and the number of participants in addition to the commitment to abide by the instructions and the form, one month before the date of the event..

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Excavations and Surveys Permissions

The Department of Antiquities seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of Jordan through cooperation with local and international authorities interested in the archeology sector.

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Latest News

List of World Heritage Sites
in Jordan

UNESCO seeks to promote the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage throughout the world that are of great value to humanity.

These sites give the status of World Heritage, which recognizes the need to protect and preserve this heritage for future generations. This status symbolizes the collective ownership and responsibility of this heritage as well. Heritage and protection.

There are five Jordanian sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, namely Petra, Qusayr Amra, Umm al-Rasas, Wadi Rum, and al-Magtas.

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