Archaeological Sites   

• Irbid Governorate

 Irbid is located in the North-western part of the kingdom. The archaeological research and excavations have shown that human has settled there about 200,000 years ago

• Al Mafraq Governorate

Located in the northeast of Jordan, its ancient name is al-Fudayn, which means the palace. Al-Mafraq also located on the road linking between Eygpt, Palestine and Arabian Peninsula with Syria and Europe on the other hand.

• Ajloun Governorate

It is Located in the northwestern part of the kingdom. To the western side, Ajlun hilly areas with lush vegetation and forest trees overlook the Jordan Valley with a scenic landscape featuring fantastic environment and tourist highlights.

• Jarash Governorate

Jerash  is situated  in the center of the Hashemite kingdom about 45 km north of Amman, dates back in settlements to the stone ages, It had blossomed and grown in population in the Hellenistic period,

• Al-balqa’ Governorate
This city Located to the west of Amman, and it has many archaeological sites from Stone to the Islamic periods, as Tulialat Al-Ghasul (Chacolithic period),

• Al Zarqa Governorate
Located about 25 km to the east of Amman , named after the Zarqa River, which passes through it.
Flourished in the Islamic period for the passage of the Shami pilgrimage route

• Amman Governorate
During its long history, Amman has been inhabited by several civilizations. The first civilization on record is during the Neolithic period, around 10050 BC, when archaeological discoveries in 'Ayn Ghazal

• Madaba Governorate
It is located 32 km south of Amman, have been built by the Moabites in the ninth century BC. In the second century BC Madaba became part of the Nabatian state until 106 AD

• Karak Governorate
A hilly city overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley, Karak is located some 130km south of Amman.
It is surrounded by Wadi Al Sitt from the east, Wadi Al Firanj from the west, Wadi Al Karak from the north, as well as a trench that has separated the city’s castle from Wadi Al Thallajeh.

• Al Tafela Governorate
At-Tafela is located to the south-west of Jordan, it ruins dated to the Palaeolithic period. The city of Tafilah lies on the ruins of the Edomite and the Nabatean period.

• Ma’an Governorate
Ma'an is in the southern part of Jordan.Achaeological Studies shows that human settlements in this area date back to the Neolithic Age ,as this clearly appear in Al Baidha and Al Jafur.

• Al Aqaba Governorate
Ayla, the Jordanian port on the Red Sea, it had the historic and commercial importance