Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan ( SHAJ )   
A publication which includes research studies presented to the conference entitled “Jordan’s History and Antiquities” organized every three years. The first was in 1980 and the 10th conference was held in 2010. The 10th volume was issued about the 10th conference entitled “Jordan over the Ages” which was held at the US George Town University in 2007. This publication includes 83 articles and research studies in English language by Jordanian and foreign archeologists who have already worked in Jordan. Work is underway on the 11th volume of the conference held at the French Sorbonne University in 2010 under the title “Jordan’s History and Antiquities-Changes and Challenges”. The volume is sold for JD30 each.
This series of conferences aim to highlight Jordan’s historical heritage from the first day human settlements and agricultural villages were established. The conferences are also designed to orient researchers on the results of archeological excavations carried out by the General Antiquities Department and the International archeological missions as well as to exchange scientific and academic expertise between researchers and experts in Jordan’s history and antiquities.
Researchers and historical scholars from Jordan, Arab and foreign countries are taking part in these conferences held every three years. The conferences were held under the following titles:
The History and Archaeology of Jordan from the Earliest Prehistoric Times to the End of the Ottaman Period
University of Oxford / Oxford- UK
25-31 March 1980
Jordanian Environment: Geographical and Historical
Department of Antiquities- ’Amra Hotel/ Amman - Jordan
4-16 April 1983
Trade, Communications and International Relations throughout the Ages
University of Tübingen/ Tübingen -Germany
6-12 April 1986
Sites and Settlement in Jordan
University of Lyons / Lyons – France
30 May – 4 June 1989
Art and Technology throughout the Ages
University of Science and Technology/ Irbid – Jordan
12- 17 Abril 1992
Landscape Resources and Human Occupation in Jordan throughout the Ages
University of Turin / Turin – Italy
5- 10 June 1995
Jordan by the Millenia
University of Copenhagen/ Copenhagen – Denmark
12- 19 June 1998
Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on Society, Culture and Identity
The University of Sydney / Sydney – Australia
9- 13 July 2001
Culture Interaction through the Ages
Al- Hussien Bin Talal University / Petra Jordan
23- 27 May 2004
Crossing Jordan
George Washington University / U.S.A
23- 28 May 2007
Changes and Challenges
University Paris- 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/ France
7- 14 June 2010