Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan ( ADAJ )   
An annual magazine issued by the General Antiquities Department since 1951, latest edition No.55 for 2011. The magazine is published in both Arabic and English and it mainly documents findings of archeological activities and excavations in Jordan and the neighboring countries. The issue is sold for JD20.

Notes for Contributors
The Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan is devoted primarily to studies of the cultural heritage of Jordan and the neighboring regions, including the reports and results of archaeological fieldwork. The deadline for submission of contributions is 31 May for publication in the volume of the same year.
Contributions should be sent to: Editor, ADAJ, Department of Antiquities of Jordan, PO. Box 88, Amman - Jordan; and if sent by courier Tel: 4644336. Queries may be addressed to the editor by Fax: +962-6-4615848, or e-mail:
  • Language: Contributions may be in Arabic or English.
  • Preparation of the Manuscript: The manuscript should be no more than 15,000 words (around 30 pages) excluding bibliography, illustrations and figures captions. Please include name(s) and addressees) of the author(s) as you would like them to appear in the publication at the end of the manuscript. The order of the manuscript should be:
  1. Title of the contribution and name(s) of authors(s);
  2. Body of text;
  3. Addresses of authors;
  4. Bibliography/references;
  5. Footnotes (if any);
  6. Captions of Figures.
  • Submission of the Text: should be on computer diskettes, Macintosh or PC compatible, as well as double-spaced hard copy. For Macintosh diskettes include a copy of the document saved as "text only" on your diskette. For PC compatible diskettes include a copy saved as "Rich Text Format". The manuscript should be submitted in final form with no substantive changes expected later.
  • Illustrative Material: should accompany the manuscript at the time of submission. All illustrations (drawings as well as photographs) should be referred to in the text as "Fig." in consecutive order.
  • Figures should not exceed 17x22cm in size. Illustrations in electronic form may be submitted; preferably in jpg format (figures scanned into Word documents are not acceptable). The resolutions should be 250 pixels/in for photographs and 600 pixels/in for line drawings.
  • Foreign Words and Italicized Words: should be indicated by underlining in the manuscript. To avoid misleading orthography, Arabic words and site names used in an article in another language should appear in Arabic and transcribed with diacritical signs and translated in terms of the system of transliteration from Arabic shown in recent volumes of ADAJ. Diacritical signs may be inserted by hand on the hard copy and need not be included on the diskette.
  • Footnotes: lengthy footnotes are to be avoided and where at all necessary kept at a minimum.
  • Bibliographical references are to be included in brackets in the text, e.g. (Brown 1989: 32-35).
  • Bibliography/References: should appear at the end of the contribution in alphabetical order. The following format should be utilized:
For articles:
Quintero, L.A. and Wilke, PJ.
1998 Archaeological Reconnaissance in the al-Jafr Basin, 1997. ADAJ 42: 113-122.
For collective volumes:
Gebel, H.G.K. and Bienert, H.-D.
1997 Ba\\\'ja: A LPPNB Regional Center Hidden in the Mountains North of Petra, Southern Jordan. Results from the 1997 Investigations. Pp. 221-262 in H.G.K. Gebel, Z. kafafi and G.O. Rollefson (eds.), The Prehistory of Jordan II. Perspectives from 1997. Berlin: ex oriente.
For monographs:
Peacock, D.P.S.
1988 Pottery in the Roman World: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach. London and New York: Longman.
  • Copyright: remains with the individual authors.


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