Archaeological Museums   

• Dar Al-Saraya Museum
The building known as Dar al-Saraya (Ottoman Administrative building ) is located over Irbid archaeological tell , after the acquisition of the building by Department of Antiquities in 1994 ,

• Umm Qais Museum
The museum is a Heritage house (Al- Rousan house ) located above the high Acropolis of the ancient ( Jadara) city (Um Qais). inside the archaeological site. The construction of this house turns back  to the end of the nineteenth century during  late Ottoman period.

• Ajlun Archaeological Museum
Ajlun archaeological museum was opened in 2003, It consists of two halls located in (Aybak bin Abdullah) tower inside the castle. maintenance work had been conducted by Department of Antiquities  to transfer it as site museum .

• Jarash Museum
Jerash Museum is located inside the archaeological site , it was built in 1965 as visitors rest house and then turned into a museum in 1985.

• Zeus Museum
located inside the vault of Zeus Temple in thearchaeological site of Jerash , Zeus Museum Was founded in 2004 funded  and supervised by  the Louvre Museum in France.

• Al- Salt Museum
Al-Salt  Museum was found in 1983 settled in the Toukan heritage house ,which was built more than 100 years ago, it had been restored by the municipality of Salt, and re-habilitated  in cooperation between the Dutch Embassy and the Department of Antiquities and the Salt Development corporation

• Jordan Archaeological Museum
Jordan Archaeological Museum  was built in 1951 to be a cultural center and national museum , it displays various objects of archaeological sites discovered during excavations all over  the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

• Madaba Archaeological Museum
Followed by the discoveries of mosaic floors in a heritage house in Madaba An appropriation of the two traditional houses were taking place  in 1979.where it became as Madaba museum and church (Ithia) mosaic  floor formed part of the museum exhibits.

• Karak Museum
The museum was founded in 1981 in a barreled hall of 80 m length goes back  to the Mamluk period inside the castle. In 2001 the museum had been rehabilitated under the Tourism sector  development project  funded  from the Japan Bank  and Japan International Cooperation Assistance (JICA) and  opened in August 2004.

• Petra Nabatean Museum
Petra Nabatean Museum was opened on the fifth of April 1994, Located in Petra ancient city within the building owned by the Department of Antiquities part of it is used as a museum and object stores

• Aqaba Archaeological Museum
Aqaba   Archaeological Museum is located in Al- Sharif Hussein bin Ali residence , on the north shore of the Gulf of Aqaba .This house draws importance  by its role in Jordan's modern history , negotiations took place in this place  between Sharif Hussein bin Ali,and the British.