DoA Strategy   
DoA's Mission
The DoA is responsible for the implementation of archeological policy in Jordan. The DOA provides comprehensive information on antiquities and presents archaeological assets in a manner that supports national identity and serves the educational culture, while considering these as a major factor to attract tourism to the Kingdom. (Download)
DoA's Strategic Objectives
Objective 1
To clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the DoA and MoTA in addition to other stakeholders working in cultural heritage to build an integrated partnership and remove overlapping and sometimes conflicting roles.
Objective 2 
It is imperative that all parties working in heritage conservation and management in Jordan work in close coordination and harmony to achieve the vision for the future of heritage and heritage tourism in Jordan. The DoA lies at the center of this group and has the responsibility of coordinating the input of the other stakeholders – MoTA, civil society, academia and the private sector.
Objective 3
For the DoA to carry out its mission, the human and financial resources necessary for this must be put in place. The reformulation of roles within the heritage sector requires that: New skills are built up within the DoA, more staff employed as well as necessary instruments and equipment to meet the demands of the new mandate and the availability of more funding.
Objective 4 
Conservation of archeological assets based on best international standards and human resources to capitalize on Jordan’s archeological heritage.
Objective 5
To ensure this type of collaboration, the roles of these stakeholders must be stated at the onset. It is vital to develop partnerships between key stakeholders including MoTA, DoA, MoC, MoE, JTB, MMA, NGOs and the private sector.
These affiliations should be founded on the basis of institutionalized relationships embedded and supported by clear laws, regulations and procedures in accordance with international best practice application of sustainable use and best-practice management guidelines for antiquities.
Objective 6    
Enhanced awareness of and support for the value and significance of heritage.Heighten Jordanians’ awareness of the significance and value of heritage to their everyday lives, and highlight the current and potential contribution of heritage to the tourism sector and the economy.