Jordan Archaeological Heritage   
• Al Tafela Governorate

At-Tafela is located to the south-west of Jordan, it ruins dated to the Palaeolithic period. The city of Tafilah lies on the ruins of the Edomite and the Nabatean period. The Romans called it Tefles, and in the Byzantine period Tafilah became theCenter for Christian Bishopric. There are a lot of archaeological and tourist sites in Tafilah such as Qal'at at-Tafilah, Kirbat at-Tannur, Kirbat adh-Dharih, Qal'at al-Hasa, Garandal, Busayra the capital of the Edomites, ar-Rashadyya, Afra springs, and Maqam companions Farwa bin Amr alguthami and al-Harith al-Azadi.